Our Initiatives

Our Campaigns 

SMVS has started working in areas supportive of physically challenged senior citizens, especially putting their all efforts to educate children and supporting other organizations raising their foot in Child Education.

Highlights of SMVS’ Work

SMVS, Sarthak Manav Vikas Sanstha, is stepping forward towards bringing change in the Nation by developing unprivileged sectors of an originating country like India where the development of unprivileged people holds the key to the advancement of the Nation.

SMVS is working on various policies and programs promoting social and economic growth, spreading awareness about their rights, and promoting access to learning, dietetic, academic, and jurisdictive support for enabling them to grow and flourish to fulfill their ambition.


Sarthak Primary School

The team of SMVS has unfolded a school in Ghaziabad, Kanpur, and Muzaffarpur. We support children who were not able to achieve education as their birthright.

They provide them schooling, study material, qualitative and hygienic lunch prepared under sincere supervision on school premises and make them technically sound by imparting Computer Education. Talking about Infrastructure, the school is equipped with a 24*7 electricity facility, RO water, Inverter, and solar panel.

Supporting Prayas Foundation

SMVS has also taken steps to help other NGOs and communal programs to let them grow together. For example, they have distributed study materials & snacks to more than 150 unprivileged students of “Prayas Foundation.”

Hold up Specially Abled Children

On the huge jollification of 70th Independence Day on 15 August 2017, SMVS has distributed study material and snacks to approx. 50 specially-abled children.

Accidental Case Lookup

SMVS has spirited an accidental sportsperson who lost his leg in an accident, and no one was standing in his favor to let him earn his necessities job; we have given an e-riksha to him to make earnings.

Efforts made for Old Age Home

SMVS has come forward and made its possible steps to support nursing homes by taking a pledge to improve their health by providing them with hygienic food materials.

Monetary Assistance

SMVS has given financial assistance to many families who can’t afford the marriage of their children.

High-tech Enrichment

As everyone knows, the future is leading towards an era of Computers where one of the judgment parameters is “Do you have technical proficiency ?”.To let the unprivileged tackle the reality, SMVS is working towards improving the sector and have opened a center where they impart computer education to a girl and boy child without any compensation.

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